Know Your Options

We are all familiar with having to make decisions surrounding a large investment. When we purchase a new vehicle  we weigh our options based on what specific features we want, the cost, and  where to purchase the vehicle; all relying on the hope that in the end we have a quality product for the best dollar amount.  Health services are no different. We want the best treatment & care for the best price.  However, for many, knowing where to begin this process can be overwhelming. Until now. This 'Know Your Options' page provides all of the resources you need to find out the best treatment or care for you & your family and the costs associated to the treatment under your healthcare plan.  Be prepared to make wise decisions with your Health! Start NOW!

Tools for Wise Healthcare Decision Making:

Estimate Your Treatment Costs

Excellus offers an online treatment cost estimator that makes it easy to review estimates based on your current benefit plan and cost sharing amounts. GET STARTED NOW!

Save at the Pharmacy

Save Money with Generics HERE

Other Ways to Save Money HERE

Choosing the Healthcare Service that Best Fits Your Needs:

Medline Plus
Provides links to directories to find services such as libraries, hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists and specialists.
Search HERE
American Board of Medical Specialists
The ABMS collaborates with 24 Member Boards providing educational and professional standards for medical specialists.
Check to see if your Doctor is Board Certified, find a Physician you can trust, learn what questions to ask your doctor and more HERE.
Health Grades
Need help finding the right Doctor for you that goes beyond insurance plans and office hours?  Don't leave it to chance. Choose a Doctor based on knowledge HERE.