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Dear Sisters & Brothers,

We are pleased to present you with this updated Plan Document and Summary Plan Description covering all of the benefits provided through the Fund.  We suggest you review this material carefully in order to take full advantage of the benefits provided. The potential impact that bills for medical services can have on a total household budget is immense.  However, as a Participant in the UFCW Local One Health Care Fund, you can be assured that we have made every effort possible to eliminate or significantly reduce medical related expenses and out of pocket costs.
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With warmest regards,

Frank C. DeRiso

Chairman, Board of Trustees



The Plan Summaries provided on this site share details about the benefit plans offered by the Local One Health Care Fund.  If you are uncertain which Plan of Benefits you are covered under, you should contact the Fund Office at 800-959-9497.

Plan M (Miniwrap)

Plan U (PPO)  

Plan R (PPO)

Plan S (PPO)

Plan Q (Cobra Alternative)

Employee Member Assistance Program (EMAP)



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