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The Local One Health Care Fund contracts with Pharmacy Benefits Manager CatamaranRX to provide your prescription drug benefit. Beyond lifestyle changes, medications are the single most powerful weapon to help prevent disease, manage illness, reduce long-term complications and achieve optimal well-being. Your Local One Health Plan understands that positive health outcomes start with more engaged consumers. Your Local One health Plan is leading the industry in offering flexible tools and opportunities for its members.

ufcw pharmacyPrescription Fill Process:

Regular Prescriptions

30 day prescriptions can be filled at retail participating pharmacies

90 day prescriptions can be filled through the following options:

  • Parkway Drugs Store
  • Tops Market Pharmacies
  • Mail orders can be placed through CatamaranRX

Note: you have the option of filling maintenance drugs as a 90 day supply with a lesser co-pay. Your Summary Plan Description explains these co-pays.


Specialty Drug Prescriptions

Must be ordered through BriovaRX Pharmacy. These orders can be mailed to your home or at your request to your physicians office.

Contact BriovaRX Pharmacy: 800-850-9122


These drugs are filled at the same copays as non-specialty drugs.

These drugs are limited to a $5.00 copay for retail and $10.00 copay for Mail Orders.

Core Therapy Drugs

Certain maintenance medications prescribed to treat specific conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, asthma, stroke and COPD are covered under your Health Plan with a reduced copay:

5$ for 30 day (Retail)

10$ for 90 day (Tops & Parkway Drugs retail or catamaran mail order)

These drugs include: Core Therapy Drugs listed HERE.


ufcw pharmacyDiabetic Supplies

Diabetic Supplies with No Copay: HERE

Contact One Health at 877-316-2460877-316-2460 FREE or

Order online at www.onesourcemg.com

Overview of coverage HERE


ufcw pharmacyUFCW Forms:

Core Therapy Drugs

UFCW Local 1 Retail Pharmacy Network Listing

Step Therapy Drugs

OneHealth Diabetic Supplies


ufcw pharmacyAdditional Tools & Resources

Drug Search Reference Center

Pill Identification Tool

Drug Interaction Checker

Generic Equivalents to Common Brand Name Drugs

Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements

Complementary & Alternative Medicine