Children and Maternity

"It's bizarre that the Produce Manager is more important to my children's health than their Pediatrician" - Meryl Streep

Whether you are a new mom or have a home filled with children, The Breakroom's Children and Maternity page will provide quality resources for informative decision making and tools to improve and inspire the health of your family.

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maternityChildren & Maternity Resources

Healthy Baby Connection

Personalized support during and after pregnancy

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Preventive Health Screenings

Following routine recommended health screenings will help you detect any health concerns early and have the best opportunities for treatment. Review the age specific recommended health screenings HERE.

ufcw healthy cookingMeal Planning

Top rated, kid friendly recipes to please even the pickiest of eaters! Check them out HERE!

meal planning

ufcw video libraryVideo Library

  • New Baby Care Video Series (WebMD)

    Watch Series

    This video series is highly recommended as a great source of credible and effective tips and information that any parent would appreciate.  Whether you are a "soon to be", "new" parent you will find a topic that hits home for you.

Baby Nutrition: Formula Serving Sizes

Baby Formula: Common Mistakes

Your Diet and Breast Milk



Everything About Pacifiers

How Much Sleep is Needed?

Baby Teething Basics

Tummy Time!

Infant Medication Basics