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Preventive Health

"“Preventing diseases rather than curing them makes more sense – Doctors of the future will be clinicians, dieticians and personal trainers rolled into one!”
  - Deepak Hiwale

Preventive Health services and behaviors can save lives as well as a significant amount of money.  Preventive Health Care lets your doctor find potential health problems BEFORE you feel sick. Preventive Health Habits can include eating well, exercise and avoiding destructive substances like tobacco, alcohol or excessive amounts of salt and sugar.

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Within moments of completing your assessment you will recieve a Personal Health Report which includes identified areas for improvement, recommended programs available, and topics to discuss with your Doctor.

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"This program is phenomenal!!! I found out things that were wrong that I never knew before.  I learned a lot through this comprehensive blood test.  I had the results sent to my doctor and I am working on turning things around for a better healthier life. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend you do. Call Today!!! Thank you UFCW." - Susan Graff, Tops # 668
"I have been a Diabetic for 10 years.  Making sure I have a handle on my Diabetes is a job in itself.  Sometimes my numbers are great! And sometimes they are bad." I took advantage of this Biometric screening that was held at my workplace and it was a wakeup call for me.  When I received my results, I immediately followed up with my Doctor and he took one look at my numbers and changed my medication.  Since the change, I have lost 11 lbs in 1 week.  I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up.  Thanks to my Union and my Employer Tops Market, I can do just that." -  Donna Forsyth, Tops #247 & Wellness Team Member
"I consider the Interactive Health Evaluation to be a worthwhile benefit to participate in.  My blood work results detected a change in my Thyroid, which was out of range of the normal reading resulting from the change to my prescription.  This would not have been detected for another three months when I went to see my primary physician for my six month check up.  Thank you UFCW and Tops for adding this great benefit to my health care plan." - Rose Stracick, Tops #114


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