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Fitness Trackers

BCBS WalkingWorks Program for Worksite Challenges HERE

View WalkingWorks Guide HERE

WebMD Food & Fitness

This FREE web application allows you to enter your weight and goals and it will supply you with daily caloric intake recommendations and how to achieve your goals. There is not yet a phone app for this program, however, it is quick and easy to use from your computer.

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MapMyFitness App

map-my-fitnessThis app is a one stop shop fitness tracker. It breaks down all aspects of your fitness regiment and keeps you on track using your smartphone's GPS. It will collect, log and record your workout allowing you to listen to music and focus on time or distance.  In addition to mapping it provides stats on calories burned, distance completed, speed, duration and pace! If interested, you can share your successes through links to social media and public leaderboards. 

MapMyFitness App Review

Find local training information: routes, courses, groups and events near you!


Fitness Calculators

Exercise Readiness HERE

Russian Squat Program Generator HERE 

Calories Burned with Specific Exercise HERE

Measure Pace/Time/Distance HERE

Walk/Run Metabolic Calculator HERE

Evaluate Your Endurance:

Sit Ups HERE

Push Ups HERE

Bench Press HERE

Curl Up/Half Sit HERE (Specific Guidelines)

Senior Stand Curl HERE

Senior Arm Curl HERE

Strength Standards HERE

One Rep Max HERE

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Excellus BCBS members can enjoy exclusive discounts at top wellness providers across the country through Blue 365. All you need is your insurance card.

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  • Killer Abs

  • Exercise At Your Desk

  • Taming Your Trouble Spots: Back Fat

  • Taming Your Trouble Spots: Chubby Chest