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About UFCW - The Breakroom

The BREAKROOM began as the vision of Funds Administrative Director, Andrea Goldberger. It all started during a coffee break on February 5, 2013, following a “Healthcare 2013” presentation for UFCW officers and Stewards. Andrea, a recognized leader in value-based benefits, expressed her pride in this outstanding UFCW “family” along with her firm determination to provide them with tools to advance their overall health and wellbeing.

Andrea’s words went something like this … ‘Our people (UFCW Local 1) are hardworking, talented, caring, and always trying to do the best work possible at their job, in their homes, and throughout their communities. We reworked UFCW into United Furthering Comprehensive Wellbeing as part of our healthcare message, how can we demonstrate our gratitude and continue furthering everyone’s wellbeing every day?

Let's provide them a place to:

  • Breathe – take a break for self-enrichment, to “chill out”, and decompress
  • Relax - recharge and renew personal vigor, flexibility, strength, energy
  • Enjoy colleagues – and work as convivial, respectful, supportive professionals;
  • Attend – to personal needs, to grow, contribute, achieve value and be valued;
  • Know – current health findings, amusing tips, available resources and UFCW benefits;
  • Reach out – anytime and easily participate, ask questions, offer suggestions;
  • Open up – opportunities for training, personal advancement, growth and leadership;
  • Optimize – highlight and share talents, skills, insights, and abilities;
  • Make the most of every day!

So we put our heads together and “THE BREAKROOM” became a reality. Thanks Andrea!


As Benefit Fund Program Coordinator, Samantha DeRiso's responsibility for directing The Breakroom health promotion efforts throughout the UFCW Local One Family.  She welcomes your input and invites your thoughts on developing meaningful programs; simply click "Contact Us" on the toolbar and submit your suggestions.  Samantha encourages everyone to become involved, share their talents and skills, become a mentor or wellness champion and make it their mission "To establish a work environment that promotes healthy lifestyles, decreases risk of disease and enhances the quality of life."

The Best of Life to Everyone!

Most Sincerely Yours – Dr. Kate
(Dr. Catherine G. Ansuini - WHIP Health)